Maximuscle was looking for a complimentary digital brand that has the versatility to complement its vast user base, and after extensively testing WithU, identified our app as the perfect fit.

Maximuscle customers received a complimentary subscription to WithU as a gift with purchase as part of a WithU Loyalty programme, and our WithU members were rewarded with 20% off their Maximuscle purchases.

As advocates for the importance of overall health, partnering with a reputable nutrition brand that shares mutual core values makes complete sense for WithU.

We activated through multiple channels and in a variety of ways such as social media giveaways, CRM promotions and in-app messaging to target all our users and saw great engagement through all these channels.

This partnership was hugely successful for both sides, with Maximuscle seeing a 30% increase in customer acquisition during the promotional period. For us, it was one of our most successful promotional partnerships to date.