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It's more than a workout.

It's a full-body fitness experience.
Over 1000 immersive audio-based workouts and personalised programmes led by world-renowned coaches.


Personal Training
Anytime, Anywhere.

Add structure to your session with straight-talking instruction direct to your device.
Our coaches call the shots and motivate you through your workout, just like they're in the room.

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Why choose WithU?

Try Something New

Programmes tailored to your goals, a jam-packed workout library across 14 disciplines, and counting. Plenty to keep you on your toes.

Experts On-Demand

19 WithU coaches, delivering insanely good workouts to power through at HOME, in the GYM and OUTSIDE.

Game Changing Training

Every aspect of WithU is stress tested to ensure it has impact and delivers result. We've set the bar... and it's HIGH!

Community Values

Our members are invested. Join our community for support, exclusives, tips and sweaty selfies.

Bringing The Gym To You

Access at home, in the gym or on the move. Whenever you want.


Bodyweight sessions designed to raise your heart rate and accelerate fat loss


Complete instruction and motivation for the treadmill or your next outdoor run


Balance your training with guided meditations to improve your wellbeing


Bodyweight, dumbbell or kettlebell sessions to tone up or build muscle


Classes designed to help you prepare for workouts or reset and recover


Spin sessions whether you’re a serious rider or just stepping into the saddle.


Increase your fitness with workouts designed to challenge your whole body


Improve your mobility with flows that range from entry-level to advanced.

X train

Burning fat and building muscle while improving endurance and strength

Audio That Moves You

Audio workouts deliver instructions without distraction. Allowing you to be present and reducing screentime.

Audio synced with our 3D avatar provides visual demonstrations for every exercise, from every angle.

Paired with originally curated soundtracks to create the ultimate training experience.

Harmoniously balancing instruction, motivation, support and a tempo that drives you to perform.

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