27 Jun, 2022

Ways to get moving during the summer months

Ditch the gym, rediscover your inner child, or buddy up – these are just some ways to get moving during the summer that will make your workout experience that much better!

Summer offers opportunities to get moving that just aren’t there throughout much of the rest of the year. With lighter mornings and evenings, it’s much easier to get a workout in before or after work, and there are so many great ways to make the most of the weather and get a sweat on in the process.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite ways to get moving during summer, right here in this blog post!


Make the most of the longer days

A pre-work run, accompanied by birds singing and dogs roaming on their own morning run is a great way to set you up for your day. Equally, a jog after a long day at your desk helps you to re-centre before settling in for your evening. You can bookend your day knowing that you’ve taken time for yourself, to better both your physical and mental health.

Running in the sun can benefit you in a huge number of ways, from lowering your risk of diabetes to improving your sleep, and this is true for even the smallest of increases in sunny hours in a day. So next time the sun has its hat on, make sure to get your running shoes on!


Ditch the gym

So many people feel that working out in a gym is the only way to have a good session, but we don’t agree! Incredible sessions can be had outside of those four walls, and there is a whole host of added benefits to being outside in the sunshine, including increased vitamin D intake, boosted mood, and more!



Fantastic outdoor workout options include hopping on your bike and going on a cycling adventure, or finding an outdoor swimming pool near you and getting some laps in. Or, try a WithU workout for a personal training experience in your ear, wherever you want to train! For less strenuous options, try getting out for a dog walk to increase your NEAT activity or working on your green thumb in your garden.



Getting moving is that much easier when you’ve got an accountability partner such as a friend or partner. Arrange regular sessions for getting moving and have a plan in place before you meet, so that once you’re together you can get started without wasting any time!

Whatever your summer fitness goals, committing to taking them on with someone else makes you more likely to follow through. Research shows that when you utilise an accountability partner to help you achieve your goals, you’ve got a whopping 95% of succeeding!


Consider what your inner child would do

While routine in fitness is important, it’s not the be-all and end-all. So, next time you just can’t find the motivation to complete the HIIT circuit or strength session that you had scheduled, why not mix things up and prioritise fun over anything else? The joy of movement for no reason other than to have fun is something that we tend to lose as we move into adulthood, but we don’t have to!

Some examples of inner child-approved movement include rollerblading, skateboarding, skipping, and trampolining. The added bonus of partaking in your favourite childhood activity is the nostalgia it evokes in you. You’re sure to move with a smile on your face, and the weight of the day will lift off you in no time!

There are countless ways that you can get moving over the summer months thanks to the weather that comes with the season – so many of these activities would be closed off during colder times of the year. This summer, try changing up your workout routine with one of our suggestions!


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