03 Oct, 2022

Walk your way to better health

The benefits of walking for both your physical and mental health.

Walking is an incredible way to improve your health, offering a huge number of both physical and mental benefits. Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked in favour of higher intensity, more vigorous forms of exercise. We want to change this narrative.


The unsung hero

So often, walking is sorely underrated as a form of exercise, when in reality it can do wonders for your health and well-being. It’s often dismissed because it’s something we do every day, and is swept under the rug as not being “real” exercise. But we don’t agree! 

We see walking as a hidden gem in the fitness space, offering a plethora of benefits while also being free and easy to do.


The physical benefits

The physical benefits of walking include improved circulation, stronger bones and muscles, better sleep, supported joints, and a healthier heart. These are just some of the incredible results that can be gained through increasing your step count.



The mental benefits

On the flip side, the mental benefits are equally as compelling. You can experience everything from a clearer head, lower stress levels, reduced fatigue, and lessened anxiety when upping your daily steps. As well, going for a walk is a great social opportunity, which is a proven method of supporting your mental health.


Walking workouts on WithU

We recently released a range of walking workouts on WithU, to help you integrate more walks into your weekly workout routine. With both intervals and continuous distance walks, varying distances, and a range of coaches leading the workouts, there’s something for everyone. 

You can fit these workouts around your schedule, and make them work for you and your life. Whether you’re walking the dog, walking to work, or squeezing in some lunchtime steps, we have the workout for you.

And the best part? Every single WithU walking workout is free for the entire month of October, as we join our partner parkrun in celebrating their 18 year anniversary, by getting involved with their #parkwalk campaign.

So grab your walking boots, and get some extra steps in. Even if you’re already physically fit, and you have a solid workout routine, you can still benefit greatly from adding a few extra walks into your week.


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