14 Nov, 2022

The perils of poor posture

Desk workers – sit up. It’s time to sort your posture out, for good.

We’ve all been told to stand or sit up straight at one point or another, and warned of the perils of poor posture. However, the importance of good posture is especially important for office workers who spend their days at a desk.


The impacts of poor posture

The impacts of poor posture range from short- to long-term. Short-term impacts include back and neck pain – little niggles that are often dismissed as just part and parcel of working at a desk. However, if left unchecked, this pain can develop into bigger issues long-term such as spinal curvature, reduced blood flow to some muscles, and poor joint alignment.



Possible causes

There’s lots of possible causes for poor posture. Slouching when working, crossing your legs and ankles at your desk, sitting down for long periods of time, and a poor computer set-up are all major contributing factors. But the good news is, they’re also easily rectified.


Ways to combat poor workplace posture

Things you can do right now to combat poor workplace posture include taking regular breaks to stretch out, consciously changing how you sit in your chair, and integrating exercises that improve your posture (for example, planks and bridges) into your workout routine.

In terms of changes you can make to your office set-up, try a standing desk, add extra lumbar support to your chair, or get yourself a laptop stand to raise your screen. These are all things that your company should be able to provide you with, either by default or upon request.

Correcting bad posture requires a decent amount of conscious effort, but it is possible. Prevention is always better than a cure, so if you think that your own posture could be better, try one of these tips to get on top of it sooner rather than later! Your body will thank you for it.


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