31 Aug, 2022

Mamas, we’ve got you

Welcome to postnatal workouts on WithU – reconnect with your body and rediscover fitness post-baby.

Last week we dropped prenatal workouts, and this week we’re launching postnatal – talk about a double whammy. Our postnatal workouts will help you to feel stronger and more mobile, and they reinforce the importance of taking some time out for yourself, to refill your own cup.


Getting back into fitness post-baby

Ultimately, you can get back into fitness whenever you and your doctor agree you’re ready to. There’s no right or wrong way to dip your toe in post-baby, simply focus on what feels most comfortable for you and your body.


All the benefits

Babies and children require so much attention – both physical and mental – so we totally understand that sometimes getting a workout in feels like the most unachievable of tasks. However, there’s so many great benefits to squeezing in even a short workout.



Reduced fatigue, improved mental health, better sleep, and stronger muscles are just some of the benefits. As well, playing with your little one and carrying them from place to place requires a surprising amount of physical fitness – being able to keep up with them is one of the most rewarding benefits that postnatal exercise offers.


Postnatal workouts on WithU

Our postnatal workouts focus on gently rebuilding your strength and flexibility. Getting back into fitness post-baby takes time – your body will have its own natural adjustment period – but our workouts have been designed to help you feel stronger and more mobile with every rep.

The initial launch includes dumbbell and bodyweight strength workouts, as well as restorative yoga flows. Our coaches will guide you through each set and sequence, supporting you all the way.


Our top picks include Strong & StableRebuilding StrengthHealthy BodyTotal Flow.

Whether you had a baby a few weeks, months, or years ago, these workouts are perfect for easing you back into fitness gently. Dedicate some time in your week to focusing solely on yourself with one of our postnatal workouts – your body and mind will thank you for it.


*Always seek advice from a medical professional before getting back to training post-baby.*


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