23 Aug, 2022

One for the mums-to-be

Prenatal workouts have landed on WithU – we’re on a mission to help expectant mums stay healthy and happy throughout their pregnancies.

Prenatal workouts dropped on WithU earlier this week – now we can support more members than ever before. Our brand-new workouts encompass a range of styles and exertion levels, with something for every person, every mood, and every pregnancy.


What exactly is prenatal fitness?

Prenatal fitness is simply staying active during your pregnancy. It can include anything from walking to yoga to strength training. There’s no right or wrong way to go about prenatal fitness – it’s all about focusing on what feels right for you and your body. So long as your doctor gives you the all clear, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have an active pregnancy if you want one.



What are the benefits?

We understand that with the challenges pregnancy can bring – morning sickness, sore joints, and worsened sleep to name a few – working out may be the last thing on your mind, but research shows that dedicating some time to yourself with gentle exercise can actually help to minimise some of those less than desirable symptoms.

The benefits include improved heart health, reduced risk of pregnancy complications (gestational diabetes, for example), improved sleep, and more. And, studies have shown that maintaining an active pregnancy can even help your body recover more quickly post-delivery. Really it’s a win-win.


Prenatal workouts on WithU

Our range of prenatal workouts include sessions for every trimester, and cover three main areas of focus – strength, cardiovascular fitness, and mobility. Our coaches have designed bodyweight strength workouts, HIIT circuits, and yoga flows to help you stay fit and healthy throughout every season of your pregnancy.

Our top picks include Slow & SteadyLower Body StrengthFull Body Strong, and Restorative Flow.

We’re so excited to finally be sharing these workouts with you – we hope you’ll love them. Take some time for yourself this week, to connect with your body during such an exciting time in your life. Explore the workouts today to find your perfect fit.


*Always seek advice from a medical professional before training while pregnant.*


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