21 Sep, 2021

National Fitness Day. The WithU Teams Fitness Stories

Fitness not only has a huge impact on our physical health and what we look like but can hugely impact our minds. Being physically active means different things to different people. We all have our own fitness stories and reasons why fitness is important to us.

Today is National Fitness Day, and at WithU, obviously, we are passionate about not only fitness, but the positive impact fitness has.

We wanted to share some of the WithU Team’s fitness stories with you all. We hope that it may inspire you to be more active and find what you love and let you get to know some of the people behind WithU!

Jo, WithU’s Head of Content, has been active most of her life and carried it through her whole life: “Fitness has always been a huge part of my life, at school I was on every possible sports team and I did a load of sports outside school too (my poor parents would ship me here there and everywhere!)”

Finding the time in the day can be a challenge for many, everyone has different preferences, Jo is a fan of an early morning session! “I train most mornings at 6 am. I am usually the only person in the gym and it is bliss. It is just “me time”, I don’t have to think about anything else, and that workout sets me up for the rest of the day. Fitness massive helps my mental health too. When I am stressed/anxious having a workout or doing some sort of physical activity always makes me feel 100x better”

Charlie, the Marketing Executive at WithU, whilst was active in her younger years, really found her love for fitness later: “I was very sporty at school, then when I went to University, like many people, completely stopped, gained a lot of weight and became very unfit. I was very overweight, unfit, I had very little energy and struggled a lot with my mental health. I had seen women lifting weights and being strong and fit and aspired to be like that. I started going to group strength and conditioning sessions. In the past 2 years of training and focusing on my diet I have lost around 40kg, I have so much more energy, I am fitter and healthier.”

Actually enjoying and loving the way you workout is so important to keep it up and to work hard at it. Charlie is passionate about people finding the training style that they love and that suits them in order to get the most out of it.

“I love training not only because I love building both my cardiovascular fitness and strength, but because it helps my mood hugely. I find that I generally am much happier and less anxious than I used to be since taking up training. I love lifting heavy weights and seeing improvement in my strength.

I always think it sounds a bit sad, but I am genuinely at my happiest when I’m in the middle of a session, I feel like I’m dying, I’m in my heartrate red zone, super sweaty and pushing myself through a workout. As I was sporty in my younger years, I’m very at home with pushing myself physically and I almost find comfort in the discomfort. There is no better feeling than the satisfaction of completing an intense workout. It’s a great opportunity to really switch off the world around me and just zone out and train for an hour. I love mixing up when I train. Sometimes I love getting it done first thing in the morning after work. But I also love logging off from work, jumping in the car to get to the gym and just sweating the day out”.

Jesse, WithU’s Designer has had an amazing journey and found that fitness has truly improved her health: “It’s only in the last 4 years or so that fitness has become more of a priority to me. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and had been told that I would suffer from energy loss, weight gain and chronic fatigue. Maybe I’m stubborn, but I didn’t want an illness to tell me that I couldn’t do something. The best thing about my fitness journey is that it’s actually stabilised my hypothyroidism and made it more manageable for me. Fitness means that I have more energy, my overall health is improved with every workout, and I have way more confidence!”

Ellis, Product Manager at WithU, emphasises the importance of making time for yourself to train and how working out is a form of self-care: “For most of my adult life, keeping fit has been something that I have always struggled to find time for; I felt that exercising sacrificed the very little spare time I had to relax. In recent years, I have grown to realise that making time to be active is a small gift to myself each day, rather than a chore. Exercise helps me maintain a clear and positive mindset. I am more driven in work, more present at home and happier in my own skin”.

Everyone has their own story and journey with fitness and no matter your ability or experience, fitness should and can be positive and beneficial for you!

We hope you loved hearing about some of the WithU Team’s fitness stories. We want to hear yours too! Tell us about your fitness journey and why fitness is important to you and tag us @withutraining on Instagram!