16 Jun, 2022

Introducing WithU Watch!

Experience fitness freedom like never before – leave your phone at home and get moving with only your watch.

We are passionate about making fitness truly flexible to any schedule or lifestyle, and this new addition to our product range moves us one step closer to this goal.

By extending WithU to wearables, we are able to provide you with the same top-tier training experience that you’re used to, but without the inevitable distractions that come from using your phone. The benefits don’t stop there – the app is jam-packed with a whole host of incredible features that aim to enhance your workout experience!


Why a watch app?

We want to enrich your WithU experience and offer you access to fitness freedom on as large a scale as possible, and WithU Watch does exactly that. Having access to a platform that allows you to leave your phone at home, and get a workout in with as few extra belongings to transport around with you is a game changer.

WithU Watch enables you to focus solely on your workout, and maximise the effort you are putting into your session. Gone are the days of getting a notification as you set out on your run, or procrastinating through a session by checking on new emails!


Key features & benefits

Want to workout without signal or Wi-Fi? No problem! The offline listening feature allows you to download workouts direct to your watch, so that you can get moving no matter where you are. The feature also reduces your screen time, which in our digital-focused world can only be a good thing. Either download a workout directly to your watch via the mobile app, or browse our workout library from your wrist instead – now that’s flexible fitness!

GPS tracking is so worthwhile for tracking your workouts, so we made sure to integrate it into the WithU Watch design. This means that you can track your workouts no matter where you go, and review your stats – for example, distance, splits, and overall pace – when you get home.

Imagine doing a yoga workout in your local park using only your watch, and wanting to check the avatar’s form on a specific movement, but not being able to. You’d be disappointed and none the wiser on how to execute this move, which doesn’t make for a great user experience. To eliminate this scenario and provide you with true fitness freedom on your wrist, we’ve made sure to maintain our 3D Avatar feature across this new product. This way, you can work out with confidence.



We’ve also made sure to enable connection between the WithU Watch and Apple Health apps, to provide you with a clearer picture of how your body responds to your workouts. This way, you can gain a better understanding of your overall health and well-being with ease.

As well as these incredible features, we want to spotlight the mental health benefits that WithU Watch offers. With its lack of reliance on external devices, the app encourages you to get out of your regular workout space and take your session into nature instead. Swapping your living room for a local park can do wonders for your mental state, and offering the ability to do so was a driving force for WithU Watch development.


Among the industry

We’re so proud that our watch app is truly the first of its kind. While there are other watch-specific fitness apps out there, none of them are quite as unique as WithU Watch.

Where other apps still rely on tethering to a screen in order to deliver a workout and only display your post-workout stats within the watch app itself, WithU watch is a self-contained unit that can function entirely on its own. It’s this independence that allows the app to deliver total fitness freedom and flexibility, which we think makes it pretty special.


Installing and using the app

For support on installing or using the WithU Watch app, check out our FAQ page.

This is a big moment for WithU, and we’re so excited to finally be sharing it with the world. To work with Apple to create a watch app that offers the joy of fitness freedom with maximum flexibility is a huge step towards our end goal, and it’s something we’re so proud to be leading the way on. For busy parents and tech lovers alike, the all new WithU Watch app is here to support your fitness journey, whatever that looks like.


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