27 Apr, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Kylie

Varied experience and skillset are what help us excel and constantly evolve as a business, which is why we love celebrating our team members. Meet Kylie, our Client Success Manager. Kylie has been part of the WithU team since June 2021 and hasn’t looked back since! We caught up with her to learn more about her role and career thus far.


When did you join WithU?

June 2021


What is your role?

Customer Success Manager


What is your favourite thing about your role and WithU? 

Every day is different; there is always a new challenge and something to get stuck into.


What is something you’ve learned whilst at WithU? 

Don’t be afraid to reinvent the wheel. There are hundreds of fitness apps out there and yet WithU took on the challenge to break down barriers and do things a little differently. With a lot of hard work and an amazing team, we are successfully achieving the aim.


What were your first few months at WithU like? 

Eventful! WithU was pretty new to the market when I joined and momentum was picking up rapidly. Every day there were conversations with new customers, exciting developments with potential partners and new features being added to the app. To be honest 10 months in, it’s still as eventful!

What did you do before WithU? 

My career started in newspaper advertising sales, I soon moved into the digital space realising it was the place to be and never looked back. I took some time out whilst my children were babies and once they both reached school age, I was ready to get stuck back into the world of work! Luckily for me, the timing was perfect to join WithU and here I am!


What is your favourite workout on WithU? 

Any with Danielle!


When you’re not working, how do you spend your time? 

Mostly with family and friends, pub lunches, dog walks, and generally socialising. Obviously, all the running around after a young family and a Boxer dog has to fit in somewhere too.


What is your favourite food? 

Roast Beef.


Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Yes! Cadburys Chocolate (Specifically their easter eggs!)


Can you give us a podcast recommendation?

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett, also love LuAnna.


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