22 Dec, 2021

Coach Danielle Wills top tips for staying on track over Christmas

We caught up with our very own WithU coach, and Yoga and Meditation expert, Danielle Wills to get her top tips for getting through December and making the most of it.

Hey Danielle. What is your best advice for the WithU community for staying on track throughout December?

Christmas is a beautiful time for us to reset. Everything slows down, just for a few moments, so that we can spend time with those we love, return home or go abroad, and (hopefully) catch up on some overdue ZZZs.

At the same time, Christmas is its own special brand of chaos. Our normal routine is thrown off, and in some ways, it’s a welcome relief – but sometimes it can leave us feeling a bit aimless or anxious because nothing is as it usually is. The kids are home from school, we’re semi-working from home, and our calendar is filled with meetups and catchups and dinners and drinks.

For me, staying sane is muy importante. And my number one tip to sanity: keep some parts of my routine the same. Waking up at a similar time, safeguarding my workout time, keeping my meditation practice consistent. These little wins help me thread together my days and weeks so that even though there are other wonderful, unusual things happening, there are still some things I can rely on.

What is the best way to prioritise yourself during the busy festive period? And What are your biggest tips for navigating your health and fitness during the festive season?

I call it filling up my cup. I think we give our best when we’re overflowing, not when we’re wringing ourselves dry of the last few drops.

So, to fill up your cup – what do you need? When do you feel your best self?

Is it after a walk in nature? After a good night’s sleep? During a challenging training session? During a catch up with someone you love?

Make appointments with yourself. Carve out pockets of time to actively create those feelings. If you need rest, prioritize several early nights a week, even if it affects your social calendar. Book all your training slots into your diary at the beginning of the week. Schedule a walk with yourself once a week, without your phone. Light a candle, and listen to a meditation for 10 minutes every morning before you open your emails.

They don’t have to be massive, break the bank wins. Sometimes it’s the little wins that make the most difference. But during a time when everything is disrupted and unordinary – make your appointments with yourself a top priority. Your soul will thank you for it.

What are your non-negotiables for December and the winter months?

Movement. I’m quite a restless person, and when I can’t release my energy, it becomes stress. I make it a priority to move in some way every day – yoga, weights, a run, a long walk – it’s all fair game.

Breathwork. Focused breathing is one of the best ways I know to drop back to the present, especially when my brain is on overdrive. Even when I’m travelling, or after a long day – just a few, slow, regenerative breaths can help pull me back to the centre again.

Meditation. It’s not always sitting still, legs crossed. Sometimes it’s a walking meditation. Sometimes it’s a simple gratitude practice, listing off some of the things I feel so lucky to have in my life. Either way – taking care of my headspace is just as important as taking care of my body, so it’s something I work hard to make time for.

Nourishing food. There’s a lot of fun, festive food at Christmas, and I’m all here for living the good life. But my body feels best with proper nutrition. So, even during the holidays, `I make sure that 80% of my meals are filled with the good stuff – clean protein sources, fresh vegetables, vitamin-filled fruit.

Fresh air. It’s cold, it’s hard to go outside, and sometimes the sun isn’t really shining. But getting out in nature is so regenerating. It’s like I can feel my insides come to life as soon as I step into nature. So even when it’s cold – I get outside.

We recommend setting your own non-negotiables for the winter months in order to keep yourself happy and healthy!

We hope you have a wonderful and healthy Christmas and enjoy the rest of December.

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