Let’s Get Acquainted!

Let’s Get Acquainted!

WithU: an audio-based fitness app that delivers so much more than just a workout!

Here at WithU, we look at fitness as an experience, and as our name suggests, we intend to take you through every stage of this full-body fitness sensation.


What is WithU?

WithU, an audio-based fitness app, is a passion project that came into fruition when a team of tech and digital geniuses joined forces with a team of fitness experts. United, we identified a gap in the market for high quality, on-demand workouts delivered in an optimal user interface that can be consumed anywhere, at any time.


Why Audio-Based Fitness?

Like most of us, you’ve probably tried to follow a video-based workout. Ever tried to follow a video workout at home with your phone or laptop perched in a precarious position so you can keep track? Or worse, in the gym on a dodgy WIFI connection? It’s distracting, right!?

WithU eliminates these distractions. Our audio-based workouts allow you to press play and have a personal trainer provide you with expert instruction straight into your ears. Adding structure to your session and delivering the in-class motivation we all need to get us through to completion.

Who are the PTs?

We have a roster of 18 of the UK’s leading fitness talent. Each WithU coach brings something unique to the product. Meaning, we will always have a coach to suit your needs and allow you to switch up your training approach, whenever you feel like it.

Meet Our Avatar

If you’re a visual learner, don’t worry! We have something for you! Meet our WithU 3D avatar, an animated visual guide to provide form tips, helping you perfect your exercise execution.

The avatar is dynamic; it rotates a full 360 degrees both vertically and horizontally. This means you can check out your form from every angle.


This is really just lifting the lid of WithU - we have so much more to talk about so keep an eye out for new WithU Edit updates coming weekly.

To take a closer look at what WithU has to offer, why not give our 7-day free trial a go?