17 Jul, 2022

Big news! Introducing our latest WithU coach…

Giving a big WithU welcome to Jo-Leigh, the latest addition to our impressive line-up of coaches. It’s time to get moving in a brand-new way.

Welcoming Jo-Leigh, to our world-class coaching roster. Jo-Leigh is joining us as our master Pilates coach, which means that not only is there a new coach coming to the app, but a new modality as well! With more choice in how you workout than ever before, levelling up your workouts has never been easier.


Who is Jo-Leigh?

Jo-Leigh is one of London’s most sought-after Pilates instructors, with over 12 years of experience practising and teaching. She’s got an impressive professional portfolio behind her, including coaching for activewear giant, Adidas.

Initially practising as a way to stay injury-free during her dance training, Jo-Leigh quickly fell in love with Pilates and hasn’t looked back since.

Since gaining her coaching qualification, she has helped hundreds of clients both on and offline to fall in love with Pilates. She has the knowledge to get the best out of each and every individual – so no matter what your goal might be, Jo-Leigh knows just how to guide you there.

Jo-Leigh adopts a well-rounded approach to fitness, recognising that the time spent on a workout isn’t the only influencing factor. She encourages you to look at your overall lifestyle, and make changes to your nutrition, your mindset, the community you spend your time in, and more in order to see results.


Jo-Leigh on WithU

Jo-Leigh’s style of coaching blends the principles of traditional Pilates with functional movement. Her workouts will enhance your awareness of your body and how it can be used – keeping your body strong and functional are her top priorities.



Her genuine love of Pilates comes through in every workout, with her infectious positive energy communicated in the audio. Regardless of how intense the workout, how long the hold, or how little the rest, it’s hard not to feel excited by Jo-Leigh’s coaching.

When we asked her what you can expect from her workouts, she said, “The sessions I have created are dynamic and challenging but loads of fun. They will leave you feeling muscles you have never felt before.” Training with Jo-Leigh is dynamic, is challenging, and is sure to provide you with maximum results.

Get ready to step up your workout game with Jo-Leigh. We’re confident that once you’ve tried one of her workouts, you’ll keep coming back for more. Watch this space for news of the Pilates workouts dropping – it’ll be any day now.


Check out Jo-Leigh on social: Instagram @joleighmorris | Facebook @joleigh.morris


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