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12 Dec, 2022

20 workouts for when you’re short on time

Get maximum bang for your buck with these workouts, all under 10 minutes long.

Short on time? Looking to get a quick sweat on during your lunch break? Needing a moment to reset? We’ve got you covered with our top 20 sessions for when you’re short on time. Let’s get into the workouts.


Glute Power. This one’s short and spicy, and will challenge your glutes like never before.

Building Strength. A bodyweight strength workout that’ll fire up your muscles, and leave you sweating like never before.

Moon Salutations. Wind down after a long day with this evening yoga flow, to feel at peace before bed.

Happier Hips. This yoga flow is designed to open up your hips, and release tension from your thoracic spine.

Adapting To Change. A meditation designed to reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and re-centre your mind.

Light It Up. There’s both static and dynamic movements in this short, sharp workout, to really light a fire in your muscles.

Morning Meditation. This meditation will kick start your day, and encourage you to be more productive as you work through your to do list.

On A Roll. This workout will seriously challenge your core, with four different bodyweight strength exercises to take on.

Glute Control. This dumbbell strength workout is packed with movements that focus on your glutes, to really pack a punch.

Building Heat. It’s all about your core and your glutes for this fiery dumbbell strength workout.

Recover. Taking you through the fundamentals of yoga, this flow is perfect for beginners.

Core Confidence. A bodyweight strength workout made up of three basic movements, each of which focuses on your core.

Deep Release. This meditation aims to unwind and relax your mind, and release any tension that your body’s holding on to.

Powerful Legs. A lower body strength session that utilises squats and lunges – this one’s a serious burner.

Back Therapy. With various stretches and rotations, this yoga flow works to effortlessly relieve tension from your spine.

Silence & Calm. An evening meditation that asks you to look inward, and rise above your mind’s chatter.

Walk The Plank. This bodyweight strength workout puts your core to the test, with plank variations.

Core Commando. Activate and strengthen your core with this bodyweight strength workout.

Full Body Strong. This prenatal strength workout focuses on maintaining your full body strength.

Calming Meditation. Calm your mind and lower your stress levels with this meditation.


So, what are you waiting for?! Head to the app and choose your workout – you won’t regret it. And don’t forget to tag us on socials with your post-workout selfies, we want to see your sweaty faces!


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